An asynchronous job scheduling server.

What is this all about?

InEngine.NET is a set of .NET packages that allow for the creation of a code-centric data integration and asynchronous job scheduling server. Integration jobs are created in code, making them flexible and testable.

Existing commercial data integration server products do not work in a way software developers are comfortable with. They provide a drag-and-drop GUI application for implementing a data integration. This sounds appealing, but such GUIs are often clunky and slow. Additionally, such products do not provide a testable way to build integrations and detect why they stop functioning. This is a serious issue as data integrations are fragile by nature.

In contrast, a developer would prefer fine-grained, programmatic access to the data they are querying, transforming, and persisting. A developer would also like to be able to test their integrations to ensure their continued operation. InEngine.NET allows this.

What is the license?


How much does it cost?

It's free!

Where can I get this fantastic software?

The software is released as a set of NuGet Packages.

The source code is hosted on GitHub.