Web Dashboard

The dashboard is a web front-end, built with AngularJS, for the InEngine.NET Web API. It uses the eeh-inengine-api AngularJS API Module to access the API.

The dashboard source is available on GitHub.

Dashboard Screenshot


Be sure to add the domain the dashboard is served from to the WebAPI/Origins section of the IntegrationEngine.json file.

Serving the Dashboard

The dashboard is not served from the web API. It is a Node.js application. To build and serve the dashboard, first download and install Node.js, then navigate to the root of the project use NPM to install dependencies.

npm install

Now, use NPM to serve the dashboard.

npm start

The dashboard is served by Node.js at http://localhost:3000.

Though the dashboard is served by Node.js, any web server can serve it since the dashboard is merely a collection of static files. IIS, Apache HTTP Server, and Nginx are all options.