Integration Jobs

Integration jobs contain a Run method, thanks to IIntegrationJob, that run when the job is executed by the InEngine.NET scheduler.

Integration jobs utilize Integration Points to query and persist data. They can also send an email, run a console command, call some third party library, or anything else that can be done in a .NET application.

Built-in Job Types

InEngine.NET comes with a few built-in integration jobs, defined in IntegrationEngine.Core.IntegrationJob, described below.

Integration Job

  • Implement the IIntegrationJob interface to create a basic integration job.
  • An integration job is a C# class that implements the IIntegrationJob interface.
  • The interface has one argumentless method called Run which is executed when the job is triggered.
  • All other jobs must implement IIntegrationJob directly or indirectly.

Parameterized Job

  • Implement the IParameterizedJob interface to create a parameterized job.
  • There is no need to directly implement IIntegrationJob when implementing IParameterizedJob as it already implements IIntegrationJob.
  • The Parameters property of IParameterizedJo db is automatically instantiated and populated with the Parameters IDictionary stored in the trigger that is used to schedule the job.
  • Parameters can be used to configure the job in some way.