CronTrigger Endpoint

The CronTrigger endpoint allows for an integration job to be scheduled by creating and manipulating a Quartz.NET CronTrigger.


Param Type Details
Id string A unique, auto-generated identifier for the trigger.
JobType string The FullName of an Integration Job type.
StateId int An integer identifier that sets the state of the trigger. Valid values are 0 (active) and 1 (paused).
Parameters System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary A key/value object that is made available to integration jobs that implement the _IParameterizedJob_ interface.
CronExpressionString string A valid cron expression.

Get a List of CronTriggers

GET api/CronTrigger

curl http://localhost:9001/api/CronTrigger

Get a Specific CronTrigger by ID

GET api/CronTrigger/ID

curl http://localhost:9001/api/CronTrigger/ID

Create a New CronTrigger

POST api/CronTrigger

curl --data "JobType=IntegrationServer.Car.CarMailMessageJob&CronExpressionString=0 3 4 ? * MON-FRI *" http://localhost:9001/api/CronTrigger

Update a Specific CronTrigger by ID

PUT api/CronTrigger/ID

curl -XPUT "CronExpressionString=0 4 1 ? * MON-FRI *" http://localhost:9001/api/CronTrigger/ID

Delete a CronTrigger by ID

DELETE api/CronTrigger/ID

curl -XDELETE http://localhost:9001/api/CronTrigger/ID