SimpleTrigger Endpoint

The SimpleTrigger endpoint allows for an integration job to be scheduled by creating and manipulating a Quartz.NET SimpleTrigger.


Param Type Details
Id string A unique, auto-generated identifier for the trigger.
JobType string The FullName of an Integration Job type.
StateId int An integer identifier that sets the state of the trigger. Valid values are 0 (active) and 1 (paused).
Parameters System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary A key/value object that is made available to integration jobs that implement the _IParameterizedJob_ interface.
RepeatInterval System.TimeSpan Time interval at which the trigger should repeat.
RepeatCount int The number of times the trigger should repeat, after which it will be automatically deleted.
StartTimeUtc System.DateTimeOffset The time at which the trigger's scheduling should start. If the value is the default value of System.DateTimeOffset, then the trigger fires when the scheduler starts.

Get a List of SimpleTriggers

GET api/SimpleTrigger

curl http://localhost:9001/api/SimpleTrigger

Get a Specific SimpleTrigger by ID

GET api/SimpleTrigger/ID

curl http://localhost:9001/api/SimpleTrigger/ID

Create a New SimpleTrigger

POST api/SimpleTrigger

curl --data "JobType=MyProject.MyIntegrationJob&RepeatInterval=00:00:05&RepeateCount=1" http://localhost:9001/api/SimpleTrigger

Update a Specific SimpleTrigger by ID

PUT api/SimpleTrigger/ID

curl -XPUT "JobType=MyProject.ADifferentIntegrationJob" http://localhost:9001/api/SimpleTrigger/ID

Delete a SimpleTrigger by ID

DELETE api/SimpleTrigger/ID

curl -XDELETE http://localhost:9001/api/SimpleTrigger/ID